Social Media

sharing your company with potential customers

Social Media

sharing your company with potential customers

Why Bother with Social Media

Social media might not be a bother to many who love it for personal use. When it comes to business, social media is more of a necessity or enhancement. Sharing your brand, vision, philosophy, news, staff, services and more can benefit your company. The effects could be increased sales, recognition and preference. Unfortunately, putting yourself or your business out there can lead to negative comments, reviews and a poor reputation.

The significance of social media wavers with time and from one venue to another. LinkedIn remains serious for business purposes, while others like Facebook and Twitter depends on the audience you are trying to target. Research and trial and error will help you determine which service is worthy of your marketing efforts. Web marketing is a time consuming endeavor with uncertain results.

Social Media for business websites and seo by Design Laine LLC

Social Media Effects on SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), it’s difficult to understand why some marketing efforts work and others do not. SEO is a complex process of getting your website attention and clicks. That being said, mixing up your efforts and trying different web marketing strategies while being persistent can contribute to improved SERP (search engine results page). Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can boost online presence and draw more potential customers.

Social Media by Design Laine

After completing your new business website, Design Laine begins your SEO (search engine optimization). Part of the SEO process is to create business profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook and Linked in require a personal account first before creating a business page. We then continue our efforts by creating a blog on your website and then posting articles on social media that are pertinent to your business and industry. Design Laine bothers with social media because we feel that every bit helps and we want to do our utmost to boost your web presence.

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